Summer Blogin': Bikini Shapes for Flattering All Your Bits & Pieces

No matter what shape or size we are, there is a way to flatter and accentuate the bits you want to flaunt and the bits you want to hide when it comes to feeling confident in your bikini. But of course, you have to dress to your body shape... Whether you're a pear, boy shaped, athletic or an apple, there's the perfect bikini out there for you! 

So here it comes, the tips and the tricks of how to look and feel amazing by the pool...

 For those athletic ladies - Triangle shaped bikinis, or those with ruffles are perfect to make you look like you have a fuller chest! 
Pear shapes - Tankini's are perfect to add length and string style bottoms are great for showing off the thigh!
Lanky ladies - Frills fake an hourglass and front ties make you look much curvier!
Apples - Ruching on the stomach disguises, bikini tops with thicker bands to support and a bitta side detailing will slim that waist like a dream! 
Boy shaped - Ruffles, bows and bold prints are perfect for flaunting your figure! So are skimpy bottoms... Why not ay?! 
Short torso'd ladies - High cut bikini's will give you added length! 
And those long torso'd ladies - stripes, print and cut-outs break up a long line to make you look more petite! 

So there you have it, a few ideas for when your choosing your summer bikini. But just remember, the bigger the print, the bigger you look! 

Would love to hear your tips for looking amazing whilst sunning yourself on the beach! 
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