I'd asked for the book #GIRLBOSS for my birthday, and instead, I received a Kindle Paperwhite with it on. Although I was slightly apprehensive about the Kindle at first (I love reading a proper book), I am now in love with my new little gadget. I've been reading quite a lot lately, and whenever I put a book down, I feel guilty for leaving it on the shelf to gather dust. It's such a waste of paper (god, I sound like an old lady)! Other than send them to a charity shop or give them to friends, there isn't much you can do, so I'm just lovin' my Kindle. 

Anyway, I'm here to talk about the book... So that is what I shall do! I'd heard so many positive reviews on #GIRLBOSS, which is originally what made me research it and see what it was all about. After reading up, I was desperate to give it a go. 

#GIRLBOSS is written by Sophia Amoruso who spent most of her youth unsure of what was in store for her. She was no good in school and just couldn't keep a job down... Until she set up an online vintage store, Nasty Gal, on eBay 7 years ago, and her business went from strength to strength. Before long she had set-up her own website, and 7 years down the road is CEO of a multi-million dollar company.

Not only do I love how honest Sophia is about what her life was like before she created Nasty Gal, but I love that she is sharing her trials and tribulations, encouraging us girls to get out there and make something of the sassy, independent women that we are. As a fashion management student, I am really interested in how she created such a successful brand, but I don't think it's only applicable for those who are going into or are in a career in fashion. Business minded, or creative, this will really get you wanting to make something of yourself, even more than you already do. 

 It's a great, motivational read that has made me want to do better, be better and achieve better. I honestly don't think I have read something that has made that much sense, and has given me that much of an inclination to get up and go! A perfect read for my summer break, I'll definitely be ready for when next semester begins to get my head back in the game and #dothis.
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