On a recent trip to the spa, I picked up this Elemis Re-Vitalise Me Shampoo from their Spa home range. I've not tried anything from the brand before, but had relatively high hopes because of their well-known and respected reputation. 

The smell of the shampoo is very pleasant. Originally I liked it, but after a while I thought it smelt quite manly. The shampoo claims it leaves the hair deeply cleansed, with a healthy glossy shine. After one wash, my hair was extremely knotted (even after leaving conditioner in for 5-10 minutes), and left my hair feeling really dried out. 

Even upon washing, I could feel my hair becoming harder to manage due to the texture becoming almost gritty and just, dry. 

For a shampoo that's £20 full price, I'd of hoped for their claims to be true, and more. There are many shampoo's on the market, which not only do a better job, but are much more affordable. So I'm asking myself, why would someone pay money for this!? Maybe if I had a different hair type, it would have worked much better... Have you tried any of the Elemis haircare range? If so, what are your thoughts and opinions? Because I'm well and truly put off... 
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