Argan Oil of Morocco

Whenever I go on holiday, the heat tends to dry out my hair and leave it looking rather dishevelled, which is why I decided to plan ahead this year and get a nourishing oil which should keep my hair looking shiny, whilst giving it added strength. 

I opted for the Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco. Not only because it was great value at only £6.99, but it says it achieves exactly what I wanted to hear! And I can't lie to you, I wasn't disappointed! Now I'm sure there are better hair oils out there... My hair did get greasier faster whilst using this product, which of course was a huge drawback for me. But in terms of value for money, I would highly recommend it! My hair felt softer, and looked much shinier than when I hadn't used it after a day in the sun. 

I do like to use a hair oil in my hair every so often as I have found living in two different countries with vastly different waters means my hair reacts differently and does occasionally need some extra TLC, I'll definitely be whipping this out if and when I need it! 

What are your favourite hair oils? Have you tried this one? 
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  1. Haven't tried this oil but I have tried a shampoo from this brand and it was really lovely and nourishing, the oil I love is the L'Oreal Extraordinary oil as it's so lightweight and almost like a water that it doesn't weight hair down but it leaves it super smooth! :)

    Layla xx