Vogue Fashion's Night Out: Amsterdam

I have attended VFNO in Amsterdam for the past three years, and am still yet to be disappointed. It's fun, friendly and there's plenty of freebies! I still haven't had chance to get down to the P.C Hoofstraat, (the street in Amsterdam that I dream to actually shop on one day) but from what I can gather, it's more of a party vibe down there, where all the stores are supplying free booze and music. 

To get into the event, you have to buy a Vogue Netherland magazine where there is an invitation inside. So to get in is essentially €5.95, but of course lots of things are supplied, and you get a magazine! 

I've always headed down to the Bijenkorf, the large department store on Dam Square in Amsterdam. There are fashion shows, signings, freebies, photo booth's, free drinks and food (including sushi *licks lips*) and lots of music. 

This year, I even got chance to take part in a nail workshop with the brand KOH. I've never tried any of their products before, but the staff were lovely and the nail polishes are to die for! I'll definitely be heading back when I'm in need of a manicure! I went for the colour 'Oprah', for my kick start into Autumn, which is a deep purply colour, and I'm completely in love! 

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures, I was so into the evening, I kept forgetting to whip my camera out! It's something I have to get better at, and I'm working on it! 

The above pictures are a few snaps from the Levi's photo booth. I love those things, they always make your skin look so darn good! And of course, Philly and I couldn't help but pull a few rather silly faces (or if your me, just talk as the pictures being taken -- well done Lil!) Below are a couple of pictures of Phil and I sitting at the KOH counter getting our nails done! 

Have you attended any of the VFNO's? If not, you really should go if you get chance the next time it's on! 
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