Hugo Boss MA VIE pour femme

I was recently given the new Hugo Boss perfume as a gift, I'd had a couple of samples of it and really liked it, so was far too excited when I got my own little bottle. I've only got the 30ml version, which means the bottle is super cute and dinky - anyone else a sucker for mini things? It's very simple packaging, a pink bottle with a clear lid and gold details. The slightly annoying thing about this is that you can't see how much you have left in the bottle. 

Anyway, you're probably here to read about the actual fragrance, so I should stop rambling. The scent is quote strong, you only need a couple of spritzes and you're done, otherwise it can be slightly overpowering. It's a very floral fragrance, with its top note being cactus flower and its base note cedarwood. The other delightful undertones are freesia, rose bud and jasmine. So as you can probably guess, it's a very fresh, delicate girly scent. Definitely not one if you are more of a musky kinda gal. 

I'd say this is more of a day time perfume, when you're feeling like you need a little pick-me-up, I'd definitely go for this. It sounds kinda silly, but its a happy scent. One that's probably gonna be sported  more during the Spring/Summer time. 

In terms of longevity, I'd say that MA VIE is moderate - long lasting. It's one that is definitely gonna stay for quite a few hours (it probably helps that it only comes in Eau de Toilette), but come late afternoon there will probably only be a faint whiff of it left! (whiff - probably not my best description ever)! 

Overall, this is a gorgeous, feminine scent perfect for us ladies who love a floral fragrance! 

Anyway, seen as this is a more Spring/ Summer scent, any recommendations for what I should be trying out this Autumn? What is your favourite fragrance at the moment? 

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