Origins Ginger Review

I'm really not one for hunting through the sales... Don't get me wrong, I love a bargain just as much as the next person, but the masses of people and the mess just puts me off. But this January, I decided I'd be tempted by the sales and go for a little look around. When it came to my usual favourites, Topshop, Zara, Whistles etc. the best items had already been taken or stores were just crazy messy, so I didn't find all that much in terms of clothing. 

What I did find however, was this gorgeous Origins Ginger bath and body set in John Lewis, for just £23.50 - bargain! Inside the set was their Ginger Burst Body Wash (100ml), Ginger Souffle (125ml) and their Ginger Essence Sensuous Skin Secret (100ml). 

Now if you don't like ginger, you probably won't like this fragrance, it is slightly spicy but also pretty energising due to the other notes such as bergamot, lemon and lime, which means its great for those early mornings. 

I can't say I dislike a single one of these products. The Souffle is beautifully thick and creamy, the wash is soft and refreshing and the body spray smells absolutely gorgeous... The only fault with the Ginger Essence is that the staying power isn't all that great. I get that it is just a body spray so you can't expect too much from that, but when a bottle is £42.50 full price, you'd expect it to last quite a bit longer! 

But overall, Origins... You've done it again! 

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