Weekly Round-Up #5

5 weeks since arriving in NYC, and it's going so insanely fast, but I've definitely settled here now - despite missing home huge amounts - oh and getting on the wrong subway this weekend (but we can just ignore that bit). 

The weather was pretty awful during the week. The snow storms just kept on coming and it felt like Spring would never arrive. Having said that, this weekend, it perked up slightly and we even got some sun on Sunday! It's still pretty cold, but tropical compared to what it has been! 

On Saturday my friend and I decided to take a walk through Central Park. This was my first time actually going in and walking around. It was so beautiful, especially with all the snow settled on the ground. I can't wait to see what it will be like in the Spring/Summer! 

After our walk we hit the shops on Fifth Avenue. I'm very into accessories right now, so I may have picked up a few pieces whilst on my travels! I also finally got to go into Henri Bendel - I am officially in love with that store! 

That evening I met a friend from Philadelphia who I haven't seen in almost ten years. Through all the catching up, I didn't really get chance to take pictures but it was so lovely getting to see her again after all the time that has passed. We are already planning a trip to visit her in Philadelphia in Spring! 

Today (Sunday), we walked to the High Line, which despite all of the people, I thought was very peaceful. My friend and I just walked along chatting and taking in the sites. I can imagine it to be really beautiful during the Spring. 

Close by to the High Line is Chelsea Market, so we also took a walk there. I was expecting outdoor food stalls but in actual fact it's an indoor 'market' with many shops inside. Although I was happy to be inside, I was a little disappointed that the market vibe was missing, but it was nice nonetheless. There was also an Anthropologie there, which we couldn't help but have a look in. I expected it to be cheaper in America than back home, but it was still darn expensive. I did pick up a gorgeous cardigan in the sale however and it will no doubt feature on the blog pretty soon! 

I love living in a city where there is always something to see and do. It's overwhelming how much I want to get done in such a short space of time, so next weekend we are upping our game and exploring a little more of the U.S & New York! 
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  1. NYC looks so lovely in the snow! Great pics!

    xoxo, Christina

    Stray Birds and Lavender

    1. It really does! So beautiful! Thank you Christina! Lilly xx