Weekly Round-Up #6

6 weeks has now been spent in the Big Apple and the weeks are going by so quickly. I had a super busy week at work so I didn't do as much as I'd of liked during the weekend. I did get some amazing bargains in a sample sale however - so those will probably make an appearance at some point! 

This weekend my friend and I took a ferry to Liberty and Ellis Island. Unfortunately the weather was terrible so the day was quite disappointing. I will have to do the trip again when the weather is better so things are actually visible! I did get to walk up the Statue of Liberty though, which was great to get to see more of New Yorks land marks. 

On Sunday evening, we went for dinner at West Ville in East Village after walking around there all afternoon. I much preferred West Village. Houses were cuter, more shops and nicer caf├ęs. East Village is a lot grungier. Having said that, despite being a little cramped West Ville served delicious food that was very reasonable priced (a rarity here in NY). 

It was a beautiful week and whilst taking a lunch time walk I got to see the infamous Flat Iron Building. There is so much great architecture in this city! 

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