Air Mail Beauty Surprises

Receiving parcels from home is one of my most favourite things. Since moving to Amsterdam three years ago, my mum and sister have posted me parcels with bits I couldn't get so easily, as well as a letter (my favourite part). I of course reciprocated with the gift giving and it has somehow just become a thing - and I'm not complaining. 

Like I said, the letter is always my favourite part. Those two know me too well, and are always sure to put things that will make me howl with laughter. I think people should write more, I have kept all my letters and know I will treasure them forever. It means I can also just pick one up and give it a read when I'm missing home. It's not the same with an email or text. 

Anyhow, in my most recent parcel from my sister, I received two palettes. Both of which I'd been hanging my nose over but cannot get here in America. The first is the Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit by Barry M and the second is the Eyes Uncovered Nude Grey Palette by Collection

The Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit looks like a cheaper, and narrowed down version of the Anastasia Contour Kit. Having said that, I haven't used the Anastasia palette myself so I couldn't say how the actual product compares. The Barry M Contour Kit comes with three powders, a light setting powder (which I think I may prefer to my much loved Rimmel Stay Matte Powder), a medium brown tone and a darker brown. These aren't too pigmented, which is great as it means you don't end up with a huge stripe across your face and can therefore build up the colour to suit your skin tone. I have used this everyday since receiving it! 

The Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette is an amazing dupe for Urban Decay eyeshadows. The consistency is pretty much the same, as are the colours! I have the Nude Grey palette, which in terms of colour is the least similar to the Urban Decay shades, but everything else really is the same. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a mirror, but for £3.99 I should be quiet - especially when I've got some extremely high quality shadows so cheaply! 

I am delighted with my new makeup bits! Two very low end (cost) products with very high end quality! The drugstore just keeps on getting better! 

What are your current favourite drugstore products?
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  1. This kit looks awesome! I love contouring, but keep it simple with 1 blush color and 1 bronzer
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    1. You definitely try it out if you can get hold of it!! Lilly xx