Weekly Round-Up #7

This weekend was a laid back, relaxed unplanned kinda weekend. We decided to take a stroll in Williamsburg (possibly the most hipster place I've ever encountered) and then went for brunch at a place I'd been recommended, The Roebling Tea Room. We drank Mimosa's chatted and ate some delicious food. Roebling's didn't really resemble the tea room I expected (a British one), but it was lovely nonetheless!

After, we took a walk along the water in Williamsburg as the sun began to set. We got a beautiful view of the city (and some peace and quiet). Probably my favourite part of the weekend! I would really recommend going here if you get chance! 

On Sunday evening, a couple of my friends and I went for dinner at Cafeteria. By the time we got seated, I was starving, and forgot to take a snap of my food! I got a burger and we all shared Mac & Cheese Spring Rolls (sounds strange - but they were amazing - perfect hangover food). And if we hadn't eaten enough, we then shared Red Velvet Yodles. Cafeteria is open 24 hours, so I hope at some point I'll find myself there at 3am munching the Mac & Cheese Rolls! 

My dad tells me I'm 35% of my way through my time here - time is flying! 
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