Summer reading: Before We Met

Now I have so much time on my hands, reading is top of my list for what I'm going to do with my time. I have a very long list of books I'm hoping to read this summer, so I've already got myself started. 

When the internet went down for just over a day, it was the perfect chance to sit and relax with a book. Before We Met is a relatively short one, so I decided to get into it, and finished it in pretty much one day! Unless I'm sat by a pool, this is very unlike me. 

For me, the book started out pretty slowly, but after reading so many great reviews on it, I persevered, and I'm really glad I did. It annoyed me that one day was spread out over many chapters (maybe I'm just an inpatient old sole), but it just felt like it was too dragged out. But as the book went on, and the story developed, I was gripping each page with angst. 

In short, without giving anything away (which is far too tricky), Before We Met is about a couple who have been married a short time, and one day Mark doesn't come home. After acting suspiciously, Hannah goes snooping, and finds things which are bewildering, worrying and pretty scary... Theres many unexpected twists, which are based on many many lies! 

It's an easy read that will definitely get you gripped, not being able to put the book down until you know the truth and what will happen to both Hannah, Mark, and other characters you meet as the story goes on. 

What are you reading? Or planning on reading this summer? You should definitely give this one a go!! 
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