What I Ate Wednesday: 28 Day Brazilian Diet, Week # 2

So as I told you, I have been giving the Brazilian Diet a go. But I can't deny, I haven't stuck to it completely! Having said that, I have been varying the foods that the meal plan includes! Every night(except Sunday, when my hungover self devoured a Sunday roast), I have had a dinner from the meal plan... My favourite has got to be the Chunky Salmon Chowder... It doesn't sound amazing, but boy was it tasty! It doesn't look that appetising either, but I assure you, it was!! 

As I said, I may have changed recipe's up slightly... Instead of having poached eggs with spinach, I had scrambled... But seriously, whose counting? An eggs and egg... I was just fancying scrambleys! One regret was cooking the spinach, it tastes so different when its cooked, I definitely prefer it raw!! 

My least favourite meal, which I highly doubt I'd eat again was the kippers. Your meant to have this with mushrooms, but of course I had it with an egg... Oops! But even my delicious scrambled egg didn't drown out the taste, I'm just not a kipper loving kinda gal! 

The last dish I made that I am sharing with you, is the Tuna Salad on Whole Nutty Toast. I loved this! I cheated a bit and added butter to my toast otherwise it would have been slightly too dry for me, but everything else I did by the book... And I was pleasantly surprised at how good such a simple meal could be!!  

So there you have it... A few confessions, but I'm gonna try and do better in the coming week... Let's see how I manage! One good thing is, I have stuck to my gym plan, and have also been walking Poppy most days! So thats pretty good if you ask me ;) 
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  1. The chowder looks gorgeous and fresh and I agree that spinach is better raw as can go a little slimy cooked
    Carrieanne xx

    1. It's so true! It doesn't taste remotely similar! Thanks for stopping by Carrieanne! xx