Peter Thomas Roth Mask Review

You've probably already guessed by now, but I love a good face mask. Nothing beats popping on a face mask after a bath or shower after a long week. I find a good mask not only makes me feel better but it gives my skin a lift and gets rid of that look of tired skin. 

I saw Anna (from Viviana Does Makeup) talking about the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and how amazing she thought it was, so I decided that I would check it out when I came to New York. I always love products recommended by Anna, and I must say, once again she hasn't failed. 

The PTR masks don't come cheap however (starting at around $45). Luckily, I saw this cute mini set of three in Sephora for just $20. After having used all of these a couple of times, I can't say I dislike any. That isn't to say that I don't have a favourite, and it is of course the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. Simply because I feel like it does the most, and it gives a more instantaneous result. After just one use, my skin felt and looked healthier. I used this again when I had a small breakout, and my the next morning, the spots were on their way out... Not completely gone but had definitely reduced and no longer looked/felt horrible. 

The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is quite grainy so it does give the skin an exfoliate, which is probably why the skin looks more healthier a little faster. I used the Cucumber Gel Mask after a few sleepless nights. My eyes were teeny and extremely puffy (not a good look), and felt this really calmed the eye area, without causing any irritation and reduced the puffiness! I think this would have been even more effective if I had placed it in a fridge before use. 

I do think that the Rose Stem Cell Mask needs to be used over a longer period of time to see more results, but what I did see is that it gave my skin a boost of hydration. 

All three are gorgeous products... I may have to purchase a full size Pumpkin Enzyme Mask before I leave NYC (and maybe a couple other things in his range)! 

What are your favourite face masks? 

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