Weekly Round-Up #4

It's crazy how changeable the weather is here in New York. One day beautiful blue skies and the next grey, dull and snowing like crazy! I'm hoping Spring is just around the corner...

After a very busy/horrible week, my friend and I decided to do some exploring of Brooklyn on Saturday. It was so strange walking around a place which wasn't full of sky scrapers! It was a beautiful but chilly day so we started our day off at the indoor Brooklyn Flea Market. It was really cute with lots of beautiful jewellery pieces. We then had lunch at a place someone recommended to me called Chavelas, a Mexican restaurant. The food was great, and very reasonably priced too! After that, we took a walk along the water under Brooklyn Bridge. It was so peaceful and extremely beautiful. 

The weather today turned out to be a little disappointing. The snow may look pretty as its falling, but it sure doesn't feel that way whilst walking in it! We decided to take a trip to the Sephora at Union Square (I'll be reviewing the bits I got soon), and also popped into Barnes & Noble. This evening I am off out for dinner as it is restaurant week here in the city, so I'll let you know how that goes soon! 
4 weeks already spent in this amazing city - time is flying! 
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  1. Love the Brooklyn Flea! My sister lives in the city and I regularly visit her and drag her there... also love going in random Barnes and Nobles while there, especially during the cold weather.

    x Sarah

    1. It's lovely, right? Thanks for stopping by Sarah! Lilly xx