Weekly Round-Up #21

I cannot believe I only have one weekend left in New York before heading home! It still hasn't hit me how close I am to the end! This past weekend my friend and I took a very early bus to Washington D.C. Unfortunately, it rained all day so my view was often a white sheet of rain two feet in front of me - and we were like two little drowned rats! 
The White House
We did all the obligatory sight seeing like The White House (which is actually really beautiful) and all the monuments in D.C. We went the day after gay marriage was legalised in all fifty states, so I was excited to see lots of flags and the like but there wasn't anything really. But despite all the rain, the day was lovely, we did some shopping and went for dinner in George Town, which is so pretty - I'd highly recommend you visiting there if you're ever in Washington! 
Union Station
Supreme Court
After a long bus ride home on Saturday night, I had a pretty relaxed Sunday morning, but my friends and I had booked tickets to go up the Freedom Tower. This has only just opened and I initially wanted to go for the view from downtown Manhattan - but the experience was about so much more than just that! I don't want to give much away as the 'surprise' (I just wasn't expecting it), was one of the highlights for me. You also got to see the passion and determination that went into building the tallest building in America! The only downfall is the glare off the glass when taking pictures, but the view is pretty spectacular up there! 
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